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    The main area

    Location Zhejiang Province, Taizhou City

    Zhejiang Province occupies the majority of the cultivation area, and Taizhou City, which is a province-level city (Note 1) in the province, is a prefectural-level city (Note 2) in Wenling City, Taizhou. Since it has a large production area such as a city, it is about 10,000 hectares in total, making it the core of broccoli cultivation in China (Figure 1).

    Note 1: An administrative unit between provincial and prefectural levels, with city wards and county-level cities in the city.

    Note 2: Administrative unit equivalent to prefecture level.

    Odoo • Text and Image

    Fresh Broccoli. farm.

    Location: Taizhou, China

    20 years of planting experience.

    Offer fresh and chilled broccoli.