Agent Service

                    To help you buy low-priced and a small amount of goods

                         We and Beijing, Guangzhou, Yiwu and many other glasses have a purchase agreement, so that you can buy the existing products you want. Low-priced inventory products. Diversified product selection. Selling Europe, Africa, the Americas. For each region of the market to provide a different product.

                    Suitable for:
                    Single style, MOQ 600 pieces. color mix.
                    Small-scale orders.

                    You only need:
                    Send photos
                    Send samples
                    Tell us the freight forwarding address

                    Service fee:1% of the total amount

                    If you want to purchase the goods by yourself, we also provide escort services. Help you in China.

                    If you need a style of more than 5000 pieces, I suggest you choose OEM.